Go For The Perfect Kitchen Islands Butcher Block Which Best Complements The Look Of Your Kitchen

Picture of a kitchen island butcher blockMany homeowners today prefer to buy kitchen islands butcher block. Since kitchen is the focal point of the house, special preference must be given to the furniture settings in the kitchen. The butcher blocks on the kitchen islands can be an ideal choice both in terms of durability as well as functionality.

The kitchen islands butcher block brings in great charm as well as an outstanding look to every kitchen. These butcher blocks are basically modelled on the traditional butcher blocks which were used in the butcher shops. The wooden butcher blocks are very durable. They are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses as well as base finish styles to give a great look and a great finish.

The kitchen islands butcher block generally is available in a variety of styles and designs to suit any kind of kitchen setting. At times, they come with rolling wheels, knife racks, towel bars and many other things. These things are of great help and they are required to increase the storage area in the kitchen along with the work space.

For a long time, butcher blocks have been a very popular material used in the kitchen islands. With the help of the kitchen islands butcher block, one will be able to cut vegetables or even meat as soon as it is required. They will not have to separate the cutting boards for the two separate items.

One can go for freestanding butcher block kitchen islands which do not require any electrical outlets. The freestanding butcher blocks with islands can be replaced later unlike the built-in ones. These are comparatively much cheaper than the built-in islands. They are generally purchased flat and are later assembled very easily with some hand tools as per the instructions.

Kitchen island butcher blocks come in a variety of sizes ranging from as small as 18” on each side to as big as 60” long and 35” wide. Since chef would use it continually, it is essential to pay special attention to the thickness of the blocks. This is because the surface will eventually get pitted up. One will not have to throw their butcher blocks even after extreme use.

Butcher block that is more than 3 inches thick and generally made of hard wood like oak, maple, birch, rubber wood or walnut is better. The thick ones occasionally will help to sand down the surface in order to get a smooth and flawless surface. It is recommended to avoid the butcher blocks made of soft woods like pine because they will not be able to resist the hardness of use.

In fact, any kind of kitchen islands butcher block give a great appearance to the kitchen enhancing the décor to a great extent. However, before the purchase you need to decide the kind of butcher blocks which you would go for that would perfectly complement your kitchen settings.

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